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PubMed Search Tester

Minimum number of "good" items in validation set:
1) Start the process

Search using any PubMed search terms you like — from a couple of keywords to the most complex search you can manage.

2) Sort your Cites

Examine a random sample of the citations returned by your search and sort them into "Good" and "Bad" piles. Good items will make up your validation set!

3) Test your Searches

PubMed Search tester now uses that validation set to automatically test successive iterations of your search strategy until you are satisfied with the balance of sensitivity and precision.


"Good" documents: 0

"Bad" documents: 0

Skipped documents: 0

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Initial Search Total found Number screened Good cites (Ratio) Bad cites (Ratio)
Test search Total found Good cites found Good cites missed Sensitivity Bad cites found Precision